Celebrities Raising Cryptocurrency Funds For Maui Wildfires

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    • Dwayne Johnson’s post saw mixed reviews from users.
    • Many helping hands have come to Maui’s aid.

    At the beginning of August 2023, the United States witnessed the nation’s deadliest wildfire in its history. Wildfires in Maui, Hawaii have caught the eyes of several actors willing to help the affected. Actors Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Oprah Winfrey have joined the cause.

    The Rock and Oprah’s Maui Funding Effort Meets Mixed Reactions

    The Rock posted a video featuring him and Oprah on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). She informed the viewers that they have “created The People’s Fund of Maui, which will put money directly in the hands of people who need it right now”. Additionally, the post also mentions their donation of $10 Million to the cause.

    People’s Fund of Maui at Entertainment Industry Foundation

    Source: People’s Fund of Maui at Entertainment Industry Foundation

    People can either donate using fiat currency or choose an option to pay for Maui victims via cryptocurrency. The official website provides information related to the fund in their frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. People 18 years and above, and affected by the event are eligible for the grant.

    Dwayne Johnson’s post was met with mixed reviews from users. Circle, the issuer of USDC stablecoin, shared the post telling users that they can donate using USDC. 

    Source: X

    The founder of the Digital Chamber of Commerce, Perianne Boring, asked both the celebrities if they could provide cryptographic proof of donations.

    Source: X

    A user even called Dwayne Johnson “The Fake One”. Meanwhile, many users asked the celebrities to donate a share of their wealth.

    Source: X

    Funding For Cause May Delay Amid Concerns of Government Shutdown

    The deadly wildfire has done away with the lives of over 100 individuals according to CBS News, a news media agency. Additionally, several parts of Lāhainā regions were affected. 2,700 structures were destroyed in the catastrophic event. Moreover, over 800 people are still missing.

    Source: CBS News

    Many helping hands have come to Maui’s aid. American Red Cross, a non-profit humanitarian organization has delivered basic necessities including food, temporary shelters, health services, and more. The Biden-Harris administration also deployed a fleet of 500 Federal personnel to assist residents.

    The Giving Block, a crypto donation service, initiated the Maui Emergency Response Fund. All Hands and Hearts, a volunteer organization, also participated in the cause. The crypto community became active during the Russia-Ukraine war. Ukraine racked up over $200 Million in digital assets.

    Moody’s, a financial services company, estimates $4 Billion to $6 Billion in economic losses to Maui wildfires. Wildfires in Hawaii are common and preventable. However, the magnitude of Lāhainā wildfires puts prevention beyond the scope. Although the officials are asking Congress to dispatch funds for the aid, a few lawmakers are concerned about delays in funding due to the looming government shutdown fight.


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