Decentraland Using Artificial Intelligence to Bring Genuinity

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    • Decentraland’s MANA was trading at a market price of $0.37 at publication time.
    • Year-to-date, MANA has registered 23.9% profit.

    Some hate it, others embrace it. For many, artificial intelligence (AI) is a necessity for productivity today. Decentraland, a metaverse game has integrated AI on the platform. They have partnered with Inland, an AI-focused company, to bring non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game to life.

    Decentraland (MANA) Has Had a Good Year So Far

    The collaboration will generate characters, personality, a hypothetical backstory and more to develop a life-like avatar. Users have complained about the metaverse being a lonely place. They failed to find any significant number of users there. Insider, a financial news website, literally described the metaverse as “sitting alone on a couch.”

    Glassnode data shows Decentraland have maintained an average of 1,000 daily active users (DAUs) per day. However, it experienced a dramatic rise on June 23, 2023, reaching 33,614 DAUs. The platform has failed to attract users this month with highest in the day remaining 603 users on August 1, 2023.

    Its native token, MANA, is on a constant decline since February this year. MANA price rose by almost 180% in January 2023. However, it has returned close to the same low. It was trading at a market price of $0.37 at publication time, up by over 1% in a day.

    On a year-to-date basis, MANA registered 23.9% profit. However, annual returns have plunged by 65.09%. Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is below zero but has started showing strength. Buying pressure may soon appear in the market. The asset currently holds resistance at $0.49 and support close to $0.36 at the time of writing.

    AI Could Bring NPCs in the Metaverse to Life

    Decentraland recently introduced Virtual Reality on the platform, a feature powering interoperability. Users can take their metaverse avatars to other metaverses. The metaverse is not a single virtual space for all. Instead, a mesh of multiple interconnected digital realities.

    Graphics processing unit (GPU) maker Nvidia came up with a similar technology as in May. Developers created an immersive scene with an NPC namely Jim. The demo showcased how artificial intelligence can spark life to a virtual world.

    Gaming is at the core of the metaverse. However, virtual worlds’ use cases have expanded in the past few months. Ohio-based news provider The Lantern reported the State team is using virtual reality to train first responders. This illustrates potentially burgeoning use cases and high adoption rate of virtual spaces in future.

    Virtual worlds like The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland could become sanctuaries for enterprises. In fact, both the platforms have pulled major partnerships in the past. Samsung opened its 837X store in Decentraland during December 2022. The Sandbox plays host to major brands like Adidas, Atari, Ubisoft and more.


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