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    Users Are Not Searching For Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Anymore

     Crypto peaked during 2021 when a majority of assets saw their all-time high.  Meta Platforms introduced its large language model namely LLaMA this year. Interest in...

    Crypto Hacks and Frauds Tumble Drastically; DeFi on Radar Again

    Year-to-date (YTD), the sector has lost over a Billion dollars to crypto hacks and frauds. Ethereum, BNB Chain, and BASE represent over 60% of losses. Crypto...

    Celebrities Raising Cryptocurrency Funds For Maui Wildfires

    Dwayne Johnson’s post saw mixed reviews from users. Many helping hands have come to Maui’s aid. At the beginning of August 2023, the United States witnessed...

    Nordic Nation Iceland is Alluring to Cryptocurrency Miners

    Iceland is the biggest hashrate producer per capita. Some crypto mining defenders say Christmas lights are more energy-intensive than Bitcoin. Iceland, a Nordic island nation, holds...